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True colours for Ewsca New Collection

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True colours for Ewsca New Collection
Issue Time:2020-05-20

Truecolours for Ewsca New Collection

Our newSpring collection ensures both soft natural tones in combinationwith sweet pastels and colour block designs. We offer youmelange cashmere colours only, creating a particularly elegant and chic coloureffect. Get ready for a surprise…


In Spring, thefocus is on bright, natural cashmere colours suchas cream, beige, marble and sand. They look great onevery woman look great and offer a refined, high-quality look and feel. Sincethose colours are very neutral, you can basically combine them with any colouryou like. How about a sand scarf with a jade cardigan, forinstance? That makes for a fresh look.


Pastel soft icecolours such as rosé, shell, jade and light blue are very muchon trend. Simultaneously, they introduce softness and femininity into thecolour range. Pastels can easilybe combined with each other. Why don’t you try a light bluecardigan combined with a rosé blouse: the effect is very soft andfeminine.


Our spots ofcolour, such as our strong rose, bright pink and our preferred trend colourbrick – a soft, warm shade of red – add depth and variety. Those strong coloursare wonderful in combination with our natural tones and/or classic items.Wearing navy with brick, for example, provides you with a stylish combinationof two absolute trend colours.


Andlast but certainly not least: our classics and evergreens:
Grey, black andthe absolute must-have for summer: navy. Those colours are perfect for combining,too, e.g. to create maritime, summery looks.


You’llfind some ideas and impressions in Ewsca New lookbook to see how we’vecombined the colours for our photo shoots… Be inspired!